Chuck Wolin (Post 619 Commander) sent this thank you to National Commander Alan Paley after his brief visit on Sunday, December 5 to Tuesday December 7, 2021.

   Dear Commander Paley, On behalf of my Wife Judy, Myself, Post’s 619, 210, 201 & 

The District of the Southwest. It has been both an honor and a privilege for Judy and 

I to have been able to escort you around Phoenix on your whirlwind visit. 

I do hope that you enjoyed your trip here as much as we have in having you.

If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, our doors are always open to you.

    You have added much more meaning to our celebration of Veterans Day and added InSite 

to the date, “December 7, 1941.” for us.

   On behalf of all our JWV local family, I wish you G-ds Speed and a very successful 

tour of duty as National Commander.

…..Chuck W …..   [ Commander Post 619 JWV ]   602-300-5913


This was Commander Paley’s reply;

Thank you and Judy for schlepping me all around during my visit.  I really enjoyed visiting Arizona and was glad that we could highlight the Jewish War Veterans in several public programs.

As I said during our lunch at Chompies, leadership is there to support each and every one of you.  Don’t be bashful if you need to reach out to us.  We are here to help you in any way that we can.

Should I travel to Arizona again, I will be more than happy to take you up on your kind invitation.

Good luck with the outcome of Post 201, and I hope you will be able to view the upcoming NEC meeting when we meet at the end of January in Orlando.